Artificial intelligence is discussed for several years, officials and politicians are thinking about its risks. Most AI policy discussions focus on the challenges we already face today, and understandably so.

OECD experts work on some existing issues for some time, including work by the OECD Expert Groups on Risk and Accountability, Incidents, and Compute & Climate.

The implications of future AI developments are hotly debated and remain uncertain. Still, experts have expressed concerns about escalating or emerging risks of bias, discrimination, surveillance, lack of accountability, or untrustworthy AI systems. In other words, many experts are concerned about the ability to ensure that AI systems are safe and consistent with human values, prevent abuse of advanced AI systems, and address other negative societal impacts.

Potential future risks and benefits of AI explored through analysis at the OECD:

Therefore, a diverse group of experts on AI Futures was established to explore this range of possible futures and equip governments with the knowledge and tools necessary to develop forward-looking AI policies. They plan to participate in public consultations on draft reports and other products, and discussions on key topics.


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