ITHACA plans to assess the ability of AI to enhance citizens’ participation in the local governance while preventing or minimizing possible adverse effects stemming from unregulated use of AI and empowering citizens with knowledge about the AI model involved through pilot activities in two EU countries (Romania and Slovakia).

The main objectives are as follows:

  • To involve citizens and all relevant parties in the analysis and design of the use of AI-powered solutions for civic participation.

  • To explore and implement innovative ways to support civic engagement in local governance through the uses of AI and big data in an ethical and simple way.

  • To provide policy recommendations on how to ensure that philosophical, legal and ethical values are embedded in the development of AI-powered technologies that support civic participation.

  • To define a value-based data governance framework in the AI context.

To develop a suite of guidelines, techniques and tools that will facilitate the design, development and evaluation of the compliance of the AI-powered technologies for civic engagement under the principles for trustworthy AI.

ITHACA Partners

ITHACA project is coordinated by Konnektable Technologies Limited and has a consortium of 11 partner organisations with extensive expertise in technology, communication, and research.

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