Brașov Metropolitan Agency for Sustainable Development (AMB) is an association of local communities from the Brașov City region. It aims to achieve social and territorial cohesion in the metropolitan area as well as provide all the prerequisites to create a healthy and attractive urban environment.

Founded in 2006, AMB brings together 17 public authorities that represent cities, towns and villages surrounding Brașov, the most important city within the Centre Region of Romania. Its role is to coordinate all development projects within its area and integrate them into a coherent approach: the Integrated Strategy for Urban Development.

Therefore, the actions of AMB are directed towards planning the social and economic development process as well as providing assistance to the local administrations in their development endeavours, covering a wide range of domains: infrastructure, environment, research & development, tourism, education and vocational training, social inclusion, culture and sport.

Moreover, the organization has directly implemented various projects, both national and international, and helped its member communities in the implementation of countless other local projects.

International cooperation is one of the main pillars, supporting the activity of the Brașov Metropolitan Agency. During the last years, the Agency has been involved in projects financed through the Horizon 2020, INTERREG IVC & INTERREG EUROPE, URBACT II, Erasmus Plus and other European programs.

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