The ITHACA project is a ground-breaking initiative aimed at improving our understanding of the complexities and controversies surrounding the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of civic participation. The project aims to promote responsible practices of research and innovation that align AI technologies with human rights, values, and ethical principles. The ultimate goal of ITHACA is to maximize the positive impact of AI on democratic institutions and processes. It will develop and test an online discussion platform incorporating human and social perspectives into the design process.

The platform will be designed to be human-centric and transparent. It will also pay special attention to the needs of vulnerable groups. Through pilot activities in two EU countries (Romania and Slovakia), ITHACA will assess the potential of AI to enhance citizens’ participation in local governance. Moreover, it will minimize adverse effects and empower citizens with knowledge about the AI models involved.  The project will also provide scalable tools for identifying security risks and ensuring conformity with principles of fairness and privacy in AI-based systems.

Based on its implementation experience, ITHACA will provide a data governance framework with ethical principles and practices for AI civic engagement platforms, as well as policy recommendations for embedding philosophical, legal, and ethical values in the development of such platforms.

You can find all necessary info on ITHACA project summarized in our ITHACA leaflet

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