ITHACA consortium members actively participate in the “AI, Big Data and Democracy Task Force”. It is a collaborative assembly of Horizon Europe projects funded under the “Reshaping Democracies” call. The primary objective of this initiative is to promote extensive cooperation among affiliated sister projects and amplify the utilization of their outcomes.

During numerous sessions, members of individual projects have the opportunity to present their project’s vision, discuss implementation strategies, and delve into subjects like communication, ethics, and technical advancements. It’s also a platform for exchanging information about upcoming workshops and conferences.

Launch of Horizon Results Booster

Moreover, the European Commission has come up with the Horizon Results Booster an initiative enabling a continuous introduction of innovation to the market. Its goal is also to optimize the impact of publicly funded research within the EU.

The Horizon Results Booster offers three key services:

  1. Portfolio Dissemination & Exploitation Strategy


  • Identifying and creating the portfolio of Research & Innovation project results (Module A).
  • Designing and executing a portfolio dissemination plan (Module B).
  • Enhancing existing exploitation strategies (Module C).


  1. Tailor-made support services to develop a business plan.
  2. Assistance, coaching, and mentoring for go-to-market activities.

The initiative supports projects that aspire to go beyond their Dissemination and Exploitation obligations, steering research toward robust societal impact and solidifying the value of Research and Innovation (R&I) activities for addressing societal challenges.

Members of the Task Force collectively submitted an application as a cluster of projects to avail the ‘Horizon Results Booster’ and have been accepted for the Horizon Results Booster service, specifically for Dissemination Modules A & B. This indicates that they will receive support in disseminating and leveraging their project results.

 Benefits of getting the support for Dissemination services

The purpose of Dissemination services (Module A and B) is to enhance the capacity of Project Groups (PGs) in disseminating project results and providing a comprehensive view to potential users.

  1. Module A: Identifying and creating the portfolio of R&I project results.

    This module assists in creating a portfolio of results suitable for joint dissemination and includes mapping relevant stakeholders and target audiences for each portfolio.
  2. Module B: Assisting projects from the portfolio in designing and executing a portfolio dissemination plan.

The focus of this model is on helping project groups design a joint dissemination plan for the portfolio and implement the actual dissemination of portfolio results. It also provides visual identity for the beneficiary project group and a short video describing the project results.

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