Martin is likely to have been founded in the beginning of 12th century. The oldest written record of the Villa Sancti Martini dates back to 1284.

The turning point in modern history occured in the revolutionary year of 1848 after the performance by Štúr´s followers, which gained a positive response in both Martin and the whole Turiec Region. During the three centuries of historical development, Martin became a unique center for Slovak historical and cultural life.

Nowadays, Martin is a metropolis of the Turiec Region, a modern city, where the center has undergone significant reconstruction. The historic city center is not large. Recurrent fires in the past have repeatedly damaged the town, which has resulted in few historical buildings. Most of them originate from the late 19th century and early 20th century and were built in an Art Nouveau style.

The City of Martin have track record of implementing various international project from different programs: over 25 implemented projects supported by European commission and over 30 implemented projects supported by other grants. The City is participating in many national and international campaigns.

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